Burundi - Mesenga

Nuances:   Toffee red apple, Orange, Caramel

Provenence:   Bujumbura

Farm:   Local small holders

Elevation:   1700 - 1900

Process:   Washed

Variety:   Red Bourbon


Burundi – Mesenga is a washed process lot created from multiple smallholder farms in the Bujumbura region, between 1700 and 1900 meters above sea level.

Leading farmers Pascal Ntawuhezisi and George Ntahonjaniye, who own 1000 and 650 coffee tree units respectively, were born into the local growing coffee culture. So too were the 18 other farmers from that region and their families.

Migoti Coffee Company processes all coffee harvested there. Owners, Dan and Pontien, both born in Burundi, hope to see coffee-producing communities economically transformed, with coffee as a catalyst for their growth. Their vision is to connect local Burundian coffee farmers with buyers and roasters from around the world through quality coffee processing.

Burundi – Mesenga has nuances of toffee red apple, orange and caramel.

Ideal for filter and espresso.