Colombia - Cesar Buesaquillo - Pink Bourbon

Nuances:   Pinapple, sugar cane, lemon blossom

Farm:   La Esmeralda

Provenence:   Buenavista, Quindio

Elevation:   1750 - 1800 masl

Process:   Natural

Variety:    Pink Bourbon


This coffee was grown by Cesar Buesaquillo at the farm La Esmeralda.

Carefully hand-picked to select only the ripest cherries and hand sorted to remove any defects, the coffee was then sundried on raised beds in temperature-controlled conditions until it reached the ideal moisture content.

This micro-lot is 100 percent Pink Bourbon, a varietal that is currently under research to determine its origin. It is assumed to be a mutation that took place at 2100 metres above sea level in San Adolfo, Huila.

Colombia - Cesar Buesaquillo - Pink Bourbon has nuances of pineapple, sugar cane and lemon blossom.


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