Ethiopia - Wete Ambela

Nuances:   Cherry, Pomegranate, Red Apple

Farm:  Local smallholders

Provenence:    Ethiopia 

Elevation:  1750 masl

Process:  Natural 

Variety:    Landraces of Heirloom


The number of independent producers has increased in Ethiopia. While the majority of Ethiopian coffee is produced in large lots in several hundred bags, many more will likely be labeled clearly with the name of the farm or producer attached, as is the case in Central America, and there will be more diversity in the processing methods and the variety of coffees.

Mekuria, one of the founders of Wete Ambela, has solid connections among smallholders and access to quality coffee over the years. There is one thing that he has always valued to build a trusting relationship with producers. One of the most important things he has done to build trust with producers; he created a good living environment for the smallholders.

Ethiopia - Wete Ambela has notes of cherry, pomegranate, red apple.


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