Jhoan Vergara - Bourbon Sidra

Nuances:   Red Fruits, Panela, Floral, White Sugar

Farm:   Las Flores

Provenence:   Acevedo, Huila

Elevation:   1750 masl

Process:   Washed, Lactic

Variety:   Bourbon Sidra



Jhoan Vergara – Bourbon Sidra is a washed and lactic-processed coffee from young coffee producer of the same name, Jhoan Vergara, in Columbia.

Vergara, from Tolima, participated in the 2019 Master of Coffee contest, in the coffee grower – roaster modality, where he won first place out of 162 participants with a flagship rosé bourbon variety with a semi-washed process.

Jhoan Vergara – Bourbon Sidra was grown at 1750 metres above sea level and has nuances of panela, red fruits and white sugar.

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