Bolovia - Nayra Qata

Nuances:    Honey, Vanilla, Floral

Farm:  Local smallholders

Provenence:    Bolivia 

Elevation:  1850 masl

Process:  Natural 

Variety:    Caturra


Bolivia – Nayra Qata is a natural process lot created from multiple smallholder farms in Bolivia, South America, at around 1850 meters above sea level.

Nayra Qata means ‘to be first’ in Aymara, a language spoken in South America.

This coffee is processed by Juan Boyan Guarachi, who formerly worked at Agricafe. Many smallholders come to Juan’s dry mill with their coffees, where he judges the quality and processes it, manages lots, and delivers to coffee markets around the world.

Bolivia – Nayra Qata has floral notes and nuances of honey and vanilla


Ideal for Filter and Espresso